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Interesting Activities

Fit some interesting activities to your regular sightseeing itinerary schedule. It will make your Beijing trip more fun and memorable.

Tea tasting at the

Maliandao Tea City

Maliandao is the biggest Tea Market in Beijing. You can find any business related with tea there. See all kinds of tea leaves, tea sets or even tea snacks, tea packages and etc.. Relax and enjoy the Tea Tasting at one of the store to know about the Tea Culture. You can also buy some tea as gifts for family and friends. The price there is really reasonable since there is the big competition.

Wine Tasting at

Nuoyan Rice Wine House

Nuoyan Rice Wine is the first craft Chinese rice wine, founded by wine maker and designer Huangyu at 2014, it offers you a delicious taste of China.
The sparkling rice wine of Nuoyan, known as Chinese Champagne, is lightly sweet, very fresh with hint of pear, reminds you all beautiful things in life. The wine is suitable for any special occasion. Wine Tasting for different kind of Rice wine would be a really special experience after your one-day tour.

Local family visit at the

Hutongs with the Cricket Show

Hutong known as “narrow alley” in Chinese. Hutongs is also the symbol of the Old Beijing. The local Beijinger’s are still living in the Hutongs area today. Beijing is an ancient city with more than 800 years capital history. Hanging around in the Hutongs will bring you back to the “real Beijing”. Especially go to visit a local family to have a chat with the host, visit their courtyard, have a deep understanding of the local people’s life. Enjoy the Cricket show by the local Beijinger Cricket Liu. The Cricket Fighting was a popular game played by the Beijinger’s in the old days.

Cooking Class

for making Dumplings

Do you like Chinese Dumplings? More fun to learn that How to make dumplings in Beijing. We can organize you a Cooking Class on the day to the Mutianyu Great Wall. Book with a homely made lunch at a local farmer House (Hostel for tourists also). The host will teach you how to make meat or vegetarian dumplings as you want. You will get involved to mix fillings, create a dough, roll the wrappers, pinch dumplings. You will enjoy a meal cooked by yourself

Chinese painting

and calligraphy class

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form of writing Chinese characters. And the Chinese painting is also famous in the world. In ancient China, Painting and Calligraphy are two of the Four Arts of the Chinese scholars. You might not become to a master calligrapher or artist after the class, you’ll definitely have a better understanding of the traditional Chinese Culture. So fit this cultural experience to your schedule.

Night Shows

There are three popular night shows in Beijing. There are the Acrobatics Show at the Chaoyang Theater, Kungfu Show at the Red Theater and the Peking Opera Show at the Liyuan Theater. Pick up one of the exciting night show to enjoy with your family and friends after the sightseeing Tour. We can offer you the discount price of the night shows.